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eat art for sweetheart day valentines day

EatArt for SweetHeart Day

With 8 kids being born with a heart defect every day, and 4 dying each week, we are on-board with HeartKids Australia to support their important work with children and their…

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Give the Gift of Giving

Have you considered giving a ‘virtual’ gift this Christmas – the gift of compassion – simply by making a donation to KidsGive on behalf of your friends or family?
Your compassion makes a huge difference to our work at KidsGive and it means the world to us. A donation to KidsGive helps counteract the negativity in our kids while creating a positive rite of passage for them where they are empowered to create social change and make a difference. KidsGive allows them to build the personal and leadership skills required to thrive in an increasingly complex world.

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Syrian Refugee Crisis

There is no denying that our world has been rocked by the horrors of the recent Syrian refugee crisis. We have all seen the distressing images and shed a tear over the lives that have been lost; innocent people simply trying to reach safety. We intend to make a difference with a grant program allowing school principals to discern what new arrivals’ greatest unmet needs may be and help them out with your support!

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Day 4 Daniel

The Daniel Morcombe foundation is committed to Keeping Kids Safe, whether it be outside or online, particularly through education for children about keeping themselves safe. It was inspired by…

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Stopping child labour

We are two students from Greenwich public school who decided to have a cake stall at the local shops. We made lots of sweet…

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Nepal Earthquake Appeal

An earthquake has rocked Nepal, and the damage is devastating. The facts you already know: An earthquake of 6.7 magnitude has occurred near…

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Indigenous Literacy

Every child should be able to read and write. Literacy is the foundation for life-long learning. 4 out of 5 Indigenous children cannot read. SchoolAid’s aim is to raise funds and collect books to donate to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. These resources will go a long way in making books accessible and assisting fellow children to develop a love for reading.

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‘Cyclone Hair’ Day for Cyclone Pam

SchoolAid needs YOUR help! Images and Video courtesy of Save the Children We have come together as a national school community for over 15 years now, supporting kids in…

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Save Our Brumbies

I am raising money for my favourite animal which is horses.  With the help of my amazing family and friends I am hoping to…

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timor leste school

A Weeks Pocket Money for East Timor

TIMOR LESTE SCHOOL FUNDRAISER Our goal is to enable 10 of the poorest kids in Timor Leste to attend the newly established School, Colegio San Inacio de Loiola. We have worked out that we would need to…

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ebola promotional fundraising poster

Ebola Appeal Kids Helping Kids

THE EMERGENCY The crisis has been declared an international emergency by the World Health Organization, with approximately 5,000 deaths so far in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria, and 13,000 people infected with…

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