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KAT Leader lessons to learn

KAT Leader lessons to learn

SchoolAid Kids Action Teams (KAT) meet once per school term with their peers with a SchoolAid Board Member in a local board room.

In addition to networking with each other, students have the opportunity to discuss their current, past and future projects with their SchoolAid mentors and facilitators.

Recently, the Redcliffe KAT team had the pleasure of listening to the local Chamber of Commerce President, Brad Flynn.

Brad shared some pearls of wisdom around living a life of impact, along with a working example of the vision that the students local Chamber of Commerce has been working on and implementing for the city of Redcliffe.

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His presentation to the students also included some key information on how they can create their own “visions” and discussed with the students the importance of a good team of people to work with you on your vision.

A key take-away for the students from Brad’s session with them was that it’s ok if they don’t succeed the first time, and in a society often obsessed with results, it’s a great message for the students to hear.

At SchoolAid we understand that the best lessons to be learnt often come from the harder path.

Redcliffe KAT team Facilitator, Sandra Ventura says she looks forward to gathering with the students to listen to their planning processes, and leaves each board meeting feeling lifted and filled with hope after hearing about the positive impact the students continue to have in their school communities.

SchoolAid CEO is the mentor attached to the Redcliffe KAT and said, “I love the passion our young leaders and their teachers bring to these board room sessions.”

“Our future is in good hands if we give this lot the right opportunities to shine!”.

SchoolAid borne from ‘Stuart Diver effect’

SchoolAid borne from ‘Stuart Diver effect’

'Honoured' by award

'Honoured' by award