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How to share a rainbow

How to share a rainbow

Student looks to comfort kiwi cousins

By Erin Smith

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is backing a Redcliffe student’s plan to share some “rainbows” with the people of Christchurch, after the recent terrorist attack.

Sophia is a SchoolAid Ambassador at Grace Lutheran College, Rothwell.

The 12-year-old has set up a campaign called Rainbows for Christchurch, via SchoolAid, inviting other students from around Australia to send her sympathy messages that she can then collate into a book to send to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

“I have a lot of family friends in New Zealand and while they don’t live in Christchurch they were hurt by the events over there,” Sophia said.

“I want to let them know that Australia is here for them.

“My message is just to let them know that while they are living through such a dark time, we here in Australia are thinking about them, praying for them and hoping everything would be okay again soon.”

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has backed Sophia’s campaign, sending her a video of encouragement.

“Congratulations, you are doing something really special, thinking about others who are going through something really tough,” Mr Morrison said in the video.

He said the terrorist attack in Christchurch affected us all, but said Sophia’s response was the right one.

“I think it demonstrates the true heart and spirit of Australians, in reaching out to our Kiwi cousins and saying we are always with you,” he said.

Sophia said it was “exciting” to receive the video.

SchoolAid founder Sean Gordon said it was not the first time a student had taken on a task like this.

Those wanting to get involved in the campaign can post their handwritten letters to SchoolAid, PO Box 11, Clontarf Beach, QLD 4019 or scan a copy and email it to

View the Prime Minister’s video message to Sophia here:

This article was originally published on the news website: Courier Mail’s Quest News Moreton


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